Information Assurance

go to site a3AppGuard® is a revolutionary new product that protects all Windows-based systems against malware
Understanding that your information is critical to your business, we employ leading edge technology and solutions to protect your information as well as your IT systems. We specialize in detecting threats and eliminating them. Our solution:

  • Blocks known and unknown zeroday malware from executing
  • Does not require scanning
  • Operates without slowing down or interrupting the user experience
  • Is compatible with traditional anti-virus software
  • Provides protection without updates
  • Single user and enterprise versions that includes endpoint management



Cloud Migration Services


Cloud services offer significant benefits for companies of all sizes. The low cost of entry and rapid implementation of some remarkably powerful services bring unprecedented opportunities to small and mid-sized organizations. Improvements in areas such as storage, backup and recovery, security and remote access are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits that organizations will reap in moving to the cloud. In addition to moving you to the Cloud our consultants will work with you on developing a comprehensive technology strategy that is in line with your business requirements and projections for growth.

Technology Consulting

buy cheap generic orlistat 120 mg online canada pharmacy no prescription All businesses (large and small) need a strategic technology plan. MAS is here to develop the framework for this critical tool.

The Mid Atlantic Systems Consultants are industry experts who will help you achieve your business goals by aligning innovative IT solutions with your business needs. Our professional consultants use proven methodologies that have been adopted by the best Fortune 500 companies. From strategic technology planning through network design, implementation and support we are your IT Partner standing ready at your side.

Communication, Cabling and Security

see Our end to end solutions give you the flexibility and efficiency needed to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace.
Over the years Mid Atlantic Systems has built a reputation for providing high quality, professional cable and phone installations on time and within budget. We haveparticipated in the rapidly changing Communication industry from Coaxial, Ethernets, Token-Ring,Category 3, 5, 5E, 6, 7, and Optical Fiber installations. During this time, Information Technology moved from dumb terminals with a myriad of different cabling networks to fast desktop PC’s connected over standardized network architecture. We have highly qualified staff in these fields and offer a complete communication package to our clients. By combining the wiring, phone, security and surveillance, MAS can save clients money as labor costs are significantly reduced while adding the convenience of one-call service.

MAS is a Maryland based, full service provider of telecommunications, securities, surveillance, and related services. Our staff of seasoned professionals assists organizations in designing, engineering, installing and/or upgrading networks and security systems. MAS offers turnkeytelecommunications services including Telephone Systems and Structured Cabling. MAS also offers the latest technology in security and surveillancesystems. MAS is committed to excellence in the field of telecommunications,
securities, and surveillance and strives to provide scalable networks that suite our clients’ needs today as well as in the future.


Computer Repair


A computer is simply a mechanical device

Whether you are a highly experienced technology user or a mere novice we all can agree on one thing. Computers are not perfect. Files become corrupt, viruses attack, motherboards malfunction and CPUs call it quits.
As noted above there are many points of failure when it comes to computers. In fact the scenarios listed do not take in to account the human element. We could add dropped computers, water or other liquid spills to the list. The point is that inevitably even the best computers fail. Our engineers have the skills and experience necessary to handle any type of repair. They have the knowledge, cutting-edge industry tools, and training necessary to make sure your computer gets back up with minimal impact to your operations or work product.

Network Monitoring and Management


Data Management

The MAS Team will remotely monitor and manage your network. Our team utilizes a proactive approach that mitigates the risk of down time. Our managed services and monitoring include but are not limited: verifying backups, patch management, anti-virus and anti-spyware software management and verification, vulnerability checks, and testing. If a service fails at any time, we immediately begin working to resolve the problem. We also provide on-site support as needed and complete network documentation.

As organizations grow the integrity of the data that is captured, stored and utilized throughout the organization becomes more and more critical. The MAS Team offers its core protection capabilities to address the challenges of today’s larger and more complex data environments. Specifically:
• Manage backups and growing data requirements efficiently which will result in the delivery of enhanced RTOs (recovery time objectives) and RPOs (Recovery point objectives). The actual objectives will be negotiated up front and included in the project management plan as an SLA (service level agreement).
• Centralized, unified point where the information is stored. Assured recovery is one of our unique features that guarantees all of your data bases will be corruption free.


Dual protection is the practice of boosting your local backup plan by adding an additional redundant offsite plan. By storing your backups both locally and offsite, you effectively double your protection and guarantee reliable access to your data in the event of a disaster.

By leveraging both local and offsite storage, you get the best of both worlds:


Although there are several ways to design a dual protection strategy, the 3-2-1 rule produces the most effective, reliable results:


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